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Always striving, connecting leading law firms across Europe, The Association of European Lawyers prides itself on establishing great relationships, aiding clients and providing world class legal advice.

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Covering a number of jurisdictions we are confident that all your legal needs can be met and carried out to the highest standard.

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17th May 2021 - Virtual Event with speaker, Antoine Henry de Frahan.

The Conference: Does Strategy Matter?

There is a paradox about strategy in law firms. In most business organisations, a good strategy is considered as fundamental to achieving success. Yet, many law firms do not have a strategy, but that does not seem to prevent them from being successful. Hence the question: Does strategy matter? Should law firms bother about having one? Answering these questions starts by agreeing on what “strategy” means. Indeed, different firms, and different partners in the same firm, often mean different things when they refer to strategy (if they ever do). No meaningful discussion about strategy can take place without clarifying the concept first. After laying out a strategy model.

AGM 2021 - to be hosted by Gomez Acebo & Pombo in Madrid on 23rd - 26th September 2021.

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What our members say

Association of European Lawyers meetings are a pleasure to attend, well run, and a great opportunity to meet fellow lawyers from across Europe.
Veale Wasbrough Vizards

What our members say

Staiger, Schwald & Partner has been a member of the Association of European Lawyers since 1990. As a commercial law firm based in Zurich, much of our work is international in nature. The access to a network of reliable law firms enables us to meet our client’s international requirements. We trust the members of the Association of European Lawyers to deliver quality advice, quickly and at good value. It is also about the social exchanges between member firms, in particular during the annual general meetings and training seminars, these exchanges are at the heart of getting to personally know lawyers we do not hesitate to recommend to our clients and enjoy working with.
Marc Bernheim Staiger, Schwald & Partner
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